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Jackson Lake Dam

Jackson Lake Dam is located 30 miles north of the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and on the east side of Jackson Lake directly before the Moran entrance to Grand Teton National Park. Regulating the flow of the Snake River and, therefore, the size of the rapids in Snake River Canyon for whitewater enthusiasts, the Jackson Lake Dam plays an integral part in western rivers and waterways.

For information on boating, camping, and permits call (307) 739-3300.

In 1902 to 1903, the United States Reclamation Service began their first efforts to survey Jackson Lake, a large body of water at the base of the Teton Range in northwestern Wyoming, as an important reclamation site in the Upper Snake River Basin. The construction of a temporary pole-crib dam from 1905-1907 solidified interest in the site, though it collapsed in 1910.

Built in stages between 1911 and 1916, the new Jackson Lake Dam increased the size of the already majestic Jackson Lake by 7,200 acres and 33 feet in depth, creating the largest body of water in Grand Teton National Park. The earthen and concrete dam, built with concrete hauled from Ashton, Idaho, over 90 miles away, is over 70 feet high. The dam was originally conceived to control flooding in the Snake River Valley and to supply Idaho’s neighboring farmlands with enough water to grow potatoes and beets. Jackson Lake Dam remains fully functional almost a century later, supplying vital irrigation to Idaho’s farmlands and protecting the valley from spring runoff. Jackson Lake also serves many recreational purposes—as a breathtaking foreground to the jagged Teton Range and as a popular boating, fishing, and hiking destination in Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson Lake is fifteen miles long (25 km.), seven miles wide (11.25 km.) and reaches depths of 438 feet (134 m.). Fed by the winding Snake River, the lake’s temperature rarely rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.55 degrees Celsius).

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Jackson Lake Dam
Taken 7/22/2008 8:02:56 PM
Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA, overlooking a frozen Jackson Lake and snow covered Teton Mountain Range.


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